Revcoo at GRTgaz’s Afterwork Innovation: An Evening of Innovation and Collaboration

10 Jun 2024

We had the privilege of participating in the Afterwork Innovation event organized by GRTgaz at the prestigious Palais du Luxembourg, an evening marked by innovation and exchange, organized at the invitation of Senator Vanina PAOLI-GAGIN. This event marked the official launch of the TSO Innovation Club, an initiative aimed at bringing together key players in the transmission system operators (TSO) sector around crucial themes such as decarbonization, competitiveness, and, of course, innovation.

A Program Rich in Testimonials and Fruitful Exchanges

The evening was structured around several key moments that highlighted the innovative initiatives of various actors. Representatives from the Gendarmerie Nationale, Orange, and GRTgaz shared their inspiring testimonials, illustrating how innovation serves the performance and modernization of their activities. Each intervention showcased concrete projects and innovative solutions that contribute to addressing contemporary challenges.

Exchanges Between Major Sector Players

The Afterwork was also a unique opportunity to meet and exchange with other players in the TSO sector, such as Snam S.p.A. and Fluxys. These exchanges were particularly enriching and allowed for the sharing of ideas and perspectives on best practices and cutting-edge technologies. This diversity of viewpoints and experiences is essential for fostering innovation and strengthening cooperation among different sector actors.
Innovation, Decarbonization, and Competitiveness: Core to Our DNA

Participating in this event reinforced our conviction that innovation, decarbonization, and competitiveness are essential pillars not only for our company but also for all stakeholders present. These themes are deeply embedded in our DNA and are the driving forces behind our development and commitment to a sustainable energy transition. We observed that these values are shared by all participants, which is extremely motivating for continuing to innovate and seek ever more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Networking and Friendliness

The Afterwork was also a privileged moment to strengthen ties with the innovation and TSO community. The conviviality of the event facilitated informal exchanges, allowing us to meet passionate professionals and discuss projects and initiatives in a relaxed setting. These networking moments are essential for establishing new collaborations and strengthening existing partnerships. They offer an opportunity to create synergies and develop joint projects.

Thanks and Future Perspectives

We would like to express our gratitude to GRTgaz and Spark Lab for this exceptional opportunity. Their dynamic organization created an environment conducive to exchange and innovation. We look forward to continuing this journey and collaborating with the various actors we met during this Afterwork.


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