Our technology

CarbonCloud®: A Technology Enabling Access to CCUS

CarbonCloud® is an innovative technology that provides access to CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage) for all CO2 emitters.

This patented method relies on two simultaneous approaches, making it a unique process that is effective even at low CO2 concentrations, resistant to smoke pollutants, deployable in the short term, and producing high-purity CO2:

  • “REVerse Sublimation”, cryogenic trapping by direct contact
  • “REVerse Energy”, temperature recycling.

CarbonCloud® is compatible with any type of process and installation size.

Implementation Roadmap for CarbonCloud® Technology

Stage 1

Determine the gains and challenges to integrate CarbonCloud® into your installations.

Stage 2

Address the challenges: conduct tests and establish partnerships to minimize risks and maximize benefits.

Stage 3

Deploy the solution in your installations and eliminate your CO2 emissions.

Revcoo Value Chain

The flue gases are brought into the CarbonCloud®, the core of Revcoo’s patented technology, where CO2 is transformed into ice and then into high-purity liquid CO2.

The produced CO2 is transported at a low cost to logistical devices for storage and utilization: CCUS, as a substitute for fossil raw materials.

Our Roadmap

Step 1

Study of the CarbonCloud® concept.


Step 2

Patent filing and laboratory-scale demonstration.


Step 3

Construction of an industrial-scale pilot (250 Nm3/h).


Step 4

Installation and adjustment of the pilot at Eiffage’s lime extraction site: 90% CO2 capture, 2 tons of CO2 captured per day.


Step 5

Construction of the CO2 liquefier.


Step 6

On-site tests and new fundraising


Step 7

ull-scale deployment interfacing with the liquefier.


Step 8

Completion of energy integration.


Step 9

Completion of the solution portfolio.


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