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Clean and innovative technology to reduce CO₂ emission and to improve your environmental performance

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We have developed CO₂ capture technology that allows you to reduce your emissions without changing your production processes. Our cryogenic capture technology allows us to recover CO₂ directly from your chimmeys and capture up to 90% of your emissions.

The benefits of our facilities

Environment impact immediate reduction

A clean and sober process with manageable GHG footprint

No major change and process interruption

Our technology

Our process consists of conditioning the effluent by compressing and drying, as first step. This conditioned gas go to the heart of our technology, the Carbon Cloud, a patented desublimator in which CO2 is turned into ice.

This simple process, innovative and clean, allow us to get for our customer, the best capture system without waste and pollutant emission.

The compacity of our solution is very easy intergrate with a very limited hold on the ground. With a simple connextion on the exhaust gas outlet, the implementation is executed without major change in the process and without production interruption.

Integrated components in the system, have a proven high availibilty for industrial purpose. This choose ensure a very reliability and easy to maintain solution.

Our facilities


CSR policy

Find our CSR policy on our ZEI page by clicking on the following link : Revcoo – découvrez leur profil RSE – Zei (

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